Safety and Environment

The legislation on the prevention of major accidents (Leg. Decree no. 105/2015, formerly Leg. Decree 334/99, Seveso Law), environmental protection (currently Leg. Decree no. 152/06 as amended), and safety prevention in the workplace (Leg. Decree no. 81/08) require Industria Chimica Panzeri Srl to follow a complex framework of regulations.

This, together with the growing market demands for higher safety and environmental protection standards, have led to the management’s ever-increasing commitment to manage the production plants and marketing lines in compliance with these regulations.

In particular, the presence inside the factory of a storage depot for Ethylene Oxide (30 t) and processing lines of this substance, classified as follows:

1.     Highly flammable gas
2.     Harmful if swallowed
3.     Toxic if inhaled
4.     Causes skin irritation and serious eye irritation
5.     Can cause respiratory irritation
6.     Can cause genetic defects
7.     Can cause cancer
8.     Causes damage to the organs through prolonged or repeated exposure


he storage and processing of raw materials and finished products, which are considered toxic and/or hazardous to the environment (phrases H400, H410 and H411) has subjected all the activities of Industria Chimica Panzeri to the provisions of Leg. Decree no. 105/15, as an upper-tier factory.

DECREEE 2214/2016

DECREE 8868/2007



The safety management system implemented in accordance with Leg. Decree no. 105/15 governs all the factory’s management operations and applications. The Staff of ICP is constantly engaged in training activities, and in disseminating safety, operating, plant-engineering and emergency procedures to its employees. In accordance with Ministerial Decree of 16 March 1998, it also informs personnel of external companies who access the production site, visitors, organisations and citizens of the Municipality of Orio al Serio on the risks deriving from the activities carried out in the factory.


For this purpose, the definition, publication and discussion of the policy on the prevention of major accidents is a first and immediate means of communication and connection between the Company and the social actors.

A structure capable of analysing and promptly implementing the current laws and national and international standards further ensures the constant study and application of safety, personal health and environmental protection measures. This objective, which integrates the purposes covered in the articles of association, is one of the central points of ICP’s development. The evolution of the technologies and systems used inside the production site not only improves productivity and competitiveness on markets of interest, but also embodies the corporate philosophy that, through long-term investments, aims at significantly reducing the risks coming from the use during production of substances such as ethylene oxide, which is needed to provide citizens with services that improve the quality of life.

This conviction, which is expressed in the constant monitoring of critical safety aids and tools, together with assistance on the products, packaging methods, handling and movement of these products provided after the sale, guarantee full compliance with the health and environmental protection regulations. The focus on the environment for present and future generations is demonstrated by the fact that in August 2007, with decree 8868, Industria Chimica Panzeri obtained the integrated environmental authorisation in compliance with Leg. Decree no. 152/06.